MERITAS is an international alliance of multidisciplinary, law firms having a high quality and working on a coordinated basis. MERITAS now has more than 190 companies located in more than 97 countries and consisting of 7,500 lawyers. In fact, the number of MERITAS members is increasing day by day on simple invitation to the company convened to join this international network.

In reality, the number of MERITAS members continues to increase day by day by simple invitation to the company convened in order to join this international network. Link MERITAS

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World Markets

Guaranteed Quality

MERITAS companies or law firms offer to their clients a multinational legal service that has become necessary nowadays in an era of global economy. MERITAS template responds to principles related to the need for personal attention of its clients, the value of fees and regional expertise that can only be experienced in medium sized companies.

Fees Efficiency

As a member of the network, MERITAS firms provide exceptional legal services with a certain fees efficiency that large firms are sometimes simply unable to meet. MERITAS members invest in the development of their services and resources more than opening new branches which could be quite expensive without reaching the expected goals.

Providing Global Legal Services

MERITAS is the only alliance of international law firms that has deveoped well-established management connections thus strengthening the quality of services of its members. MERITAS companies aim to provide high quality legal services. Moreover, regular updating of membership cards is considered as a necessary procedure to maintain the MERITAS membership quality, which enables to strengthen the continuous alliance of law firms at the international level and to provide its various clients with high quality legal services.

A Commercial Approach To Business Law

MERITAS companies are not only chosen for the high level of legal expertise they present but also for their business instinct. Indeed, before any invitation is addressed to a new member, MERITAS verifies if this company or firm offers the necessary elements of a litigation and the fundamental corporate services in order to run a business in whatever field of activity.

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