ZLF & Associates - Imen Sarsar


Senior Associate

Imen Sarsar is an Associate Lawyer at Zaanouni & Associates. She holds a Master's degree in Private Law and a Advanced Studies Diploma in Contract and Investment Law from the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Tunis. She has extensive experience in the law of obligations, commercial law, international economic law, international investment law and environmental law. She has an expertise in the field of personal data protection as well as in cybersecurity. Imen Sarsar advises and assists companies on several legal aspects related to their activities. Imen Sarsar masters English, French in addition to his mother tongue, Arabic.

September 2003 - September 2008
Assistant technologist at the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Nabeul
Creator of law courses on behalf of the World Bank

September 2003 - September 2009
Tutor of several modules within the framework of distance education

September 2003 - September 2008
Teacher in evening classes

January 2009 - September 2015
Assistant at the Military Academy, Army, of Foundok Jedid, Tunisia

September 2015 - To date
Lawyer at the Court of Appeal

January 2004
Registration at the Tunis Bar as a lawyer

April 2003
Obtaining the Diploma of Advanced Studies in Law (postgraduate) at the Faculty of Law and Political Science in Tunis
Specialty: contract and investment law
Topic: "Investment Financial Guarantees Against Non-Commercial Risks: The MIGA Guarantee"

June 2000
Obtaining the Master's Degree in Law at the Faculty of Law and Political Science of Tunis
Specialty: private law
Option: judicial law

June 1996
Obtaining the Bachelor's degree in Literature

Teaching levels
Technicians, Bachelor and Master

Subjects taught
Introduction to Law
Law of obligations
Commercial Law
Labor Law
International economic duty
International humanitarian law
International investment law
Environmental Law
Administrative Sciences
Political sociology

Research Direction
Management of end-of-study projects
Participation in several juries

  • Researcher at the Law Laboratory of International Relations, Financial Markets and Negotiations (DRIMAN)
  • Participation in international law courses at The Hague Academy of International Law. Year 2005
  • Collaborator in law offices
  • Arabic: read, written and spoken
  • French: read, written and spoken
  • English: read, written and spoken

"L'étranger dans tous ses états", international symposium, Faculty of Law and Political Science of Tunis, February 2005, organizing committee.

"Status of the foreign investor and globalization", oral intervention, in. International Multidisciplinary Colloquium "Globalization and the Mediterranean Area", Faculty of Law and Political Science of Tunis, October 23, 24 and 25, 2008.

"International investment in the Maghreb: unity or plurality? ", in. International colloquium "Where does investment law go? Normative disorder and search for balance ", proceedings of the colloquium organized in Tunis, 3 and 4 March 2006, Faculty of Law and Political Science of Tunis, DRIMAN Laboratory, Research Group on Investment Law, Edition A. Pedone 2006, p.153 et seq. (with the participation of Mahmoud Anis Bettaieb).

"The most-favoured-nation clause and ICSID jurisdiction", in. International colloquium "The ICSID, 45 years after, assessment of a system", proceedings of the colloquium held in Tunis, 11, 12 and 13 March 2010, Editions A. Pedone 2001, p.81 et seq. (with the participation of Hend Labidi).

Synthesis report and recommendations, in. Colloquium "The prospects for the evolution of investment law and arbitration", 18 and 19 October 2012, Editions Latrech, Tunis, 2013.