Le Conseil régional de l'AmCham MENA a donné le "MENA Women in Business Awards" au Maroc AmCham Bal de Gala à Casablanca


  • 07/12/2013

It's in Casablanca this time that the Regional Council of the American Chambers of Commerce in the MENA region (AmCham MENA: www.amchammena.org) gave the second edition of the AmCham MENA Women in Business Awards. The first edition of this award was launched in 2012 in Tunis and recognizes the outstanding achievements of women in the Middle East and North Africa into three main categories: Best Woman in the Corporate Sector, Best woman Entrepreneur, and the Best woman in the Non-profit sector. Each AmCham Council member nominated three candidates for the above categories. A panel of judges from across the region voted online and has chosen the following three winners for the entire region.


- The Best woman in the Non-profit sector Award went to Ms. Leila Benhima Cherif, President of L'Heure Joyeuse (MOROCCO) Hicham Fahmy, CEO of AmCham Egypt and Amal Bouchamaoui, President of AmCham Tunisia handing the award to Karim El Kerch, Assistant of Leila Cherif Benhima.

- The Best woman Entrepreneur Award went to Ms. Amal Dargaghmeh, CEO of Masri Ougarit Group (PALESTINE)

- The Best Woman in the Corporate Sector Award went to Ms. Nevine El Tahry, CEO of Delta Shield Investment (EGYPT)

The Board meeting was attended by the Presidents, Board members and CEOs from the following MENA Council member AmChams:
AmCham Tunisia (Council Chair 2011-2013)
AmCham Abu Dhabi (New Council Chair 2013-2015)
AmCham Egypt (Regional Secretariat)
AmCham Algeria
AmCham Jordan
AmCham Morocco
AmCham Palestine
Members discussed future plans of the AmCham MENA Regional Council including plans to host its Annual Conference during the fall of 2014, to host joint business missions to different regional countries promoting intra-regional trade and investment opportunities between those countries as well as with the United States.